How to Talk with an Employee

Learn what to say and what not to say to an employee who might be experiencing domestic violence. Be better prepared for these conversations and learn how these practices can help keep everyone in the workplace safe and productive.

Talking About Domestic Violence

This 2-minute video provides an example of how to start
a conversation with an employee who you think might be
experiencing domestic violence.

Supervisors Can Make a Difference

This 20-minute video demonstrates supportive and practical
responses that supervisors can give to employees who
experience domestic or sexual violence or stalking.

4 Key Messages to Say to Your Employee:


I am concerned for you and I support you.


I will keep this information in the strictest confidentiality.


I think you should consider seeking assistance from a Women's Emergency Shelter or an Outreach Worker.


I am available to help with work issues if you need assistance.

Click here to view handouts that you can give your employees.